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Khamis, 14 Mei 2009

^^^^^>>>Second Day Foundation<<<<<^^^

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Alhamdulillah a'la kullihal,,, the second day in my foundation class. I coulded had many some of opinion about the strategi of education. Yesterday, Madam Nur Huda ask we are to do the study circle in clas. She does it becouse her studernts of class can be the eye contac to Madam and to get easy learning english classes. By the way, we must open the excercise book to learn about the tense. The tense have many part of them,likely as present tense,past tense, future tense,present continuos tense, past participal, we also learnded about the proces education regular and irregular verb and many kind of part we will learnig about their.
we also, have the experience in clas cous we must put the many some of ideas to make the sentence one of you must write the sentence and speak the sentence in class. The homework madam given for our studenrt her studertn classes in friday until thuesday make sure we must do the excersice 1.2 and 3 in after they open the online web site namne(self study/workbook)

In the last class before finished Madam Nur Huda alway given we are to reads story book of penguin readers, and then do the revison to get a preparation to do the project firt title, My Family and I, and then a very time you must put some of knowledge or information or your suggestion or forum about the many all of type kinds title or part.

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After class my beloved group friend discussion what time we can going to the PTSL to borrow and read the story book from penguin readers. When we had reach at liabry, we went to put want of book i choics the boook in title is barbies flour. The story like motivate so that the book is simple sentence and easy to understand. The page i saw as 38 of page.

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Theirfore , current my friends and i walk to go back room i saw the free news paper title TODAY READ IT'S. WAH.. I so pazzle... n couse it very interest for me want know what the topic it discus in week.
i hope i'm can't gine up need ti srive diligently and conscinciosly in any time my life... wassalam..

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